Dress Black - Weekend

What battling a break-up looks like.

            Already off to a busy 2016, Dress Black is a Toronto-based indie act with a new music video of shoulder-bopping hilarity: “Weekend.”

            Released just three months after Dress Black's last single release (“So Lovely”), “Weekend” is both more upbeat and visually quirkier than the band's last offering. The video opens with a static screen and chugging guitars, offering an uncertain mood. But then driving drums set the toe-tapping tone, and the lifeless static clears the way for a 2 x 2 picture frame-esque grid of the four band members, each playing out eccentric scenes that would surely make Wes Anderson smirk (attributed to the stellar direction of Alexz Johnson). The result is light-hearted sophistication, glided over by debonairly delivered vocals and encapsulated with a freeze frame reminiscent of Happy Days.

            At a glance, “Weekend” is “War and Peace,” knitting, tie-dye boxers, and eating Froot Loops with chopsticks. At a more discerning look, it's a battle after a break-up. Where “So Lovely” was dark (quite literally) and serious, “Weekend” is light and mature; where “So Lovely” pondered unfaithfulness and isolation, “Weekend” seizes friendship and solidarity. It tells you to go “cold turkey,” and then, rightfully, does not supply said turkey.

            Both tonally and thematically, “Weekend” is the bounce back from a darker time – it's putting up a fight after feeling weak, and seizing the weekend.

Dress Black is:
Brendan James Johnson on Guitar and Vocals
Stephane Garneau-Monten on Guitar and Vocals
Colin Mercer on Bass and Vocals
Justin Ross on Drums and Vocals